BY5's Little Learners Passport

The Little Learners Passport was developed by the BY5 Early Learning Environments Task Force as a way to help young children in Delaware County positively engage their community, while simultaneously helping them to develop the needed skills to be successful in Kindergarten. 

The Passport is a small booklet that contains 100 simple, hands-on activities that children can do with their families—everything from preparing a meal, exploring textures, and even visiting local landmarks. The Passport activities, which can be completed any time before a child enters Kindergarten, are meant to prod children to ask questions, learn simple skills, and engage with the world around them.

As an incentive to complete the booklet, kids can receive small rewards after completing 30 items and again at 60 items.

After all of the 100 items in the Passport are completed, kids complete one last item: register for Kindergarten at their local elementary school! Once a child registers for school, they can tear out the small certificate in the back of the Passport and contact BY5 to receive a grand prize.

Recently, a media blitz was launched in an effort to educate the community about the full spectrum of educational opportunities available to parents and caregivers to prepare their children for Kindergarten.

The blitz was timed to coincide with multiple school systems’ Kindergarten round-ups. Radio and Facebook social media were the media platforms utilized for their reach and ability to engage the listeners and viewers. Specific photography and graphics (as seen in this article) were chosen for the social posts to illustrate outside playing and learning, as well as showcasing children learning valuable, needed skills that will prepare them for success in Kindergarten

Learn more about this initiative and view a complete list of pick-up locations.