An Interactive Approach to Kindergarten-Readiness

In 2017, BY5’s Early Learning Environment Task Force created the Little Learners Passport to encourage family engagement while preparing children for Kindergarten.


The Little Learners Passport connects young families with the community through 100 fun brain-building activities—from preparing a meal, to exploring textures, and even to visiting local landmarks. Engaging kids’ senses and encouraging them to interact with the environment, each activity was specifically crafted to help kids get ready for Kindergarten by encouraging them to ask questions, learn simple skills, and engage with the world around them.

As an incentive to complete the booklet, kids can receive small rewards after completing 30 items and again at 60 items. After all 100 items in the Passport are completed, kids complete one last item: register for Kindergarten at their local elementary school! Families who complete the Passport can drop it off or mail it to BY5 at 201 E Jackson St, Suite 400, Muncie, IN 47305 to earn free membership to Minnetrista or the Muncie Children’s Museum. 

The success of the Little Learners Passport program would not be possible without the collaboration and support from community partners.

Little Learners Passports can be picked up at the following locations:

• YMCA downtown, Yorktown, and Northwest

• Muncie Public Library – Maring-Hunt

• Muncie Public Library – Kennedy Library

• Muncie Public Library – Connection Corner

• Motivate Our Minds

• Ball State University Practicum Clinic


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