CDBG/HUD Lead Program

Lead exposure is a serious problem for young children. It can cause damage to children that lasts a lifetime. That’s why BY5 has partnered with multiple community agencies—including the City of Muncie, HUD, Delaware County Department of Health, Habitat for Humanity, Open Door Health Services, United Way and Pathstone—to develop a grant-funded program that seeks to remediate lead in the home of a family with young children living there.

We hope that members of the community will consider applying, especially if you meet the following criteria:

  • You live in a home built before 1977.

  • You have children living with you who are under the age of 5 (or spending a large amount of time in your home)

  • Lead has been identified as a problem in your home.

  • You own your own home.

If you think you might qualify, we hope you will apply. Please note that filling out the application does NOT automatically mean you will be accepted into the lead program. Many different things factor into who will be accepted. If you are interested, or think you might be eligible, download the program application below to fill out the forms.

Click here to download the program application.

Thanks to the City of Muncie and HUD for funding this project.