I am 5

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I'm a confident doer of exciting things.
I’m not built for desk sitting.
My busy brain craves action and novelty.
I’m not as grown up as some people think - I still need to play, move and explore.

Don't rush my childhood.

In 2015, only 47% of Muncie Kindergartners had the necessary essential skills to be ready to be successful.

Make sure your child is Kindergarten-ready with this list of essential skills:

  • Copies or writes own name
  • Identifies rhyming words
  • Identifies beginning sounds in words
  • Identifies at least 13 letters of the alphabet
  • Completes basic responsibilities related to daily needs
  • Follows basic health and safety rules
  • Accepts guidance and directions from familiar adults
  • Follows daily routines and classroom rules
  • Follows directions and responds to limits set by teacher
  • Controls feelings of frustration, distress and anxiety when challenged
  • Resolves conflicts in socially acceptable ways
  • Watches & listens to stories to completion
  • Stays on task during adult-directed activities
  • Sees a simple task to completion
  • Gives name, age and gender upon request
  • Identifies 5 colors
  • Counts 5 objects, using one-to-one correspondence
  • Asks for help
  • Communicates needs and wants
  • Understands and follows directions
  • Listens to gather information
  • Uses speech that is understandable
  • Recognizes own name in isolated print