Our Work

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The work of BY5 is primarily achieved through the dedicated volunteer efforts of local community members who come together to improve early childhood experiences for children aged 0-5. We focus our efforts in four areas, which you can learn more about by clicking the links below:

  1. Supporting families where they are

  2. Promoting healthy lifestyles & development

  3. Advocating for high-quality learning environments

  4. Encouraging supportive and knowledgeable communities

At a hands-on level, we work to achieve progress in these areas in several ways. Sometimes, we expand, promote or support existing community efforts. For example, we supported the existing Nurse Family Partnership program. Other times, BY5 works independently to establish like-minded community volunteers into teams- which we call task forces- to develop ideas and action-steps around a specific topic. 


These areas, as well as our specific goals, are described in-depth in our strategic plan

Wellness Matters