Promote Healthy Children

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Our Goal 

All children in Delaware County are born healthy and will acquire the necessary wellness skills needed to insure successful entry into Kindergarten. 

How We're Doing It 

Universal Screening Task Force 

The Universal Screening Task Force is working with community health agencies to determine how to best support the success of early developmental delay screenings, as well as existing screening hubs that already exist within Delaware County. 


Nurse Family Partnership 

The Nurse Family Partnership is a program that connects nurses with low-income, first time mothers in order to help new families thrive. BY5 has successfully worked to implement the program within Delaware County, and Nurse Family Partnership services will soon be available to first-time moms throughout the county. 


Nature Play Coalition

Professionals from across the spectrum--childcare workers, nature educators, librarians, teachers, and more--come together to promote outdoor play in our community. This group spearheads Delaware County's annual Nature Play Days celebration (with support from Nature Play Day's inventor, ICAN) and also develops other projects related to nature play and outdoor activities for families. 


In Development 

These initiatives are still in the early stages of development, but keep an eye out for progress in these areas in the future: 

  • Welcome Home Kits
  • Community Screening Events