Q&A: What You Need to Know About BY5’s New Diaper Bank Network

September 24-30 is National Diaper Need Awareness Week. BY5 is starting the Diaper Bank Network of Delaware County to start new banks in strategic, under-served locations throughout the county; organize the overall “system” of banks into a cohesive network; improve community awareness; and increase the number of diapers available throughout the entire system.


What is a Diaper Bank Network?

A diaper bank is any place where families with diaper-aged children (approximately 0-3 years) can consistently obtain free diapers for their children.

Why is BY5 is starting a diaper bank network?

Diapers can cost between $1,000-$1,500 a year per child, which can hamper a family’s ability to save money and even affect whether a child can stay in childcare. Not having access to diapers can cause emotional distance between children and their caretakers and can increase health issues for young children.

What are the facts on diaper need?

Nationally, 1 in 3 families struggle with diaper need. BY5 research indicates that in Delaware County, between 1,610 and 2,440 of 0-3-year-olds in lower-income families are likely to be struggling with diaper need.

Are you partnering with other organizations?

BY5’s Diaper Bank Task Force has partnered with Second Harvest Food Bank & Forward STEPS, Open Door Health Services, Interlocal Community Action Project (ICAP), Huffer CCR&R, Christian Ministries, First Choice for Women, Excel Center of Muncie, and Muncie Mission – Family Services. BY5 has also received financial support from Champions for a Safe Community via their grant program from 100 Men Who Cook.
Going forward, BY5 will lean on its relationships with over 200 agencies to spread the word about the Diaper Bank Network of Delaware County.

How can I help?

BY5 will host a diaper donation drive during National Diaper Need Awareness Week. From September 24-30, drop off your donated diapers and diapering supplies (wipes, diaper cream, etc.) at the following locations:
Muncie YWCA | Habitat ReStore | Ball State Office of Community Engagement
To stay up-to-date on future developments of the Diaper Bank Network of Delaware County, visit http://www.muncieby5.org/diapers