How BY5 Works to Alleviate Cost of Childcare

BY5’s vision is to revitalize the community so it can thrive long-term. More specifically, we focus our efforts on early childhood education, as research shows high-quality childcare and education forms a strong foundation for a child’s success later in life—even through adulthood.
Through strategic, collaborative partnerships throughout the community and with programs like On My Way Pre-K, BY5 is able to better prepare children in Delaware County for this successful “cradle to career” path.

But what exactly is Delaware County's need for these partnerships and programs?


1. Delaware County has the state's 2nd highest cost of childcare.

At an average of $10,731 each year, it is more expensive to send a child to high-quality childcare than to pay for one student’s annual tuition at Ball State University.

2. High childcare costs negatively impact the workforce.

It’s estimated that the average working parent misses more than 13 days each year due to childcare issues. Some parents even leave their jobs to stay home with their kids to avoid childcare expenses.

3. There are currently more than 7,000 children aged 0-6 in Delaware County. 

Of those, only around 30% are enrolled in high-quality early childhood care and education programs.