3 Benefits of Attending Pre-School

If you find yourself wondering about the benefits pre-school (or pre-K) has on young children, you’re not alone! Research has shown that pre-K offers children early growth opportunities that play a vital role in reaching their maximum potential. Here are three positive effects of attending pre-K that are easy to learn, remember, and share with others in your circle of influence.

1. It Helps Kids Become Academic Superstars

Did you know that students who attend a pre-K program score higher on reading and math tests than children who only receive parental care? It’s true! To raise a future voracious reader or a STEM star, enrolling kids in pre-K gives them a leg up on these goals.


2. It Teaches Kids to Play and Work with Others

One of the most important skills in life is the ability to collaborate and work with other people. The best way for kids to learn to get along with others is through consistent interactions with other children under the guidance of caring adults. Pre-K gives them exposure to how the world works: how to put someone else’s needs in front of their own, how to listen, how to ask questions, and how to share. All of these skills lead to a thriving, healthy being.


3. It Gives Kids a Better Chance at Future Success

Children who participated in high-quality pre-K programs were more likely to graduate from high school, compared with 60 percent of children who didn’t. This fact comes from a long-term study called the Perry Preschool Project, which followed low-income children who had enrolled in pre-K over multiple decades. Better futures for kids start when they’re very young!