By 2: Skills Your Child Should Have by Age Two

Life at age two can be a bit complex and overwhelming at times. As these young toddlers are trying to understand the world, their drive and curiosity sometimes looks like trouble. But curious two-year-olds should not be underestimated.

What Can You Expect from Your Child?

  • Showing more independence

  • Showing more defiant behavior (doing what he/she was told not to do)

  • Pointing to objects or pictures when named

  • Following simple instructions, such as "Drink your milk."

  • Building towers that consist of four or more blocks

  • Beginning to sort objects by their shapes and colors

  • Walking on tiptoes

  • Walking up and down stairs, using a railing for assistance

  • Beginning to run

  • Kicking a ball

  • Catching a ball to their chest

  • Carrying a toy or handful of toys while walking

  • Starting to use one hand more than the other

  • Using sentences with 2-4 words

  • Using words to express feelings

  • Imitating behavior of others, especially older children

  • Looking at books by themselves

What Can You Do to Help Your Child Learn and Grow?

  • Build your child's vocabulary using pictures, picture books, storytelling, dramatic play, etc.

  • Allow for outdoor play opportunities that involve running, climbing, and jumping.

  • Provide your child with time to play with friends through arranged play dates, preschool, or childcare

  • Limit your child's screen time exposure

  • Encourage imaginative play/dramatic play. For example, encourage your child to walk like a cat, or create a place where they can create their own play.

  • Allow your child to ask questions, and provide answers that don’t leave them wondering. Be direct when answering their question so that they are not questioning the truth behind it later on.