A Healthy Home Environment Sets Children up for Success

Your home environment can play a crucial role in preparing your child for a successful future. Children are natural observers, so having a healthy home environment can set a child up for success, including high school graduation, decrease in teen parenthood, and even an increased chance at adult employment.

Ways to accomplish this are:

  • Decrease stress within the household.

  • Make use of available resources to overcome obstacles. Find Family Navigators in your community.

  • Show warmth and sensitivity.

  • Have a routine in order to reduce chaos.

  • Share book readings and discussions.

  • Allow your child to explore safely.

  • Limit exposure to screen time (TV, iPads, etc.)

  • Keep background noise to a minimum, especially when talking with children.

In partnership with Vroom, BY5 works toward achieving parent success, school readiness and grade-level reading. 

Vroom, with strong support from the Bezos Family Foundation, provides materials and resources to aid families in recognizing when their behavior is stimulating their child’s brain in a positive way. Through these efforts, Vroom strives to inform parents that they have the skills to benefit their child’s development. For more information and Vroom videos, visit www.joinvroom.org/about.