Building the Foundation for a Transformed Community

Our Family Navigator task force is a network of trained, dedicated individuals who educate and connect families and family service providers to important community resources. Family Navigators have access to up-to-date resources in order to support families in Delaware County.


Family Navigators are front­line staff who regularly come into contact with families throughout the course of their day. This includes community members who are seen as a resource and trusted member of a neighborhood, church, or business; public servants (police officers/firefighters/EMT); barbers or hairdressers; home child care providers; and local mom-and-pop convenience store owners, to name a few. These individuals network with each other on a regular basis in order to equip themselves with the most up­-to-­date resources and referral sources to be able to assist families who come to them and are in need of referrals. 

Together, Family Navigators harness the collective knowledge of each individual to ensure that all families have access to the numerous services and programs available to them. When families are supported, a community is transformed.

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