BY5 Caring Community Trainings

Delaware County is filled with caring professionals, parents, and community members who interact with families and young children on a daily basis. It's important that these providers are trained on the critical importance of early childhood experiences and how they shape our lives. Members of the Crib to K task force have developed a series of professional education opportunities, called BY5 Caring Community Trainings,  to help to build awareness about the importance of early brain development.

Here are a few of the trainings we offer. Want to schedule a training? Contact us for more info:

  • Early Brain Development 101 (watch it in person or online)
  • Easy Activities to Build Brain Development 
  • Quality of Place as a Brain Booster: Using Your Neighborhood to Build Childhood Potential

Anyone attending a Caring Community training will gain access to a variety of VROOM materials, available only to 23 communities in the United States. VROOM materials contain positive messaging and ideas for parents and professionals and emphasize how simple, everyday interactions can help young children build their lifelong potential. Available in English and Spanish.