About BY5

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We are the leading organization for early childhood awareness in Muncie and Delaware County, Indiana. Through a variety of task force and volunteer efforts, we improve opportunities for children aged 0-5 to reach their developmental potential.

Early childhood development has been adopted as a primary economic development strategy by a number of key groups in Muncie, including the Muncie-Delaware County Economic Development Alliance, the Ball Brothers Foundation and the Muncie Action Plan.

Mission & Vision

The vision of BY5 is to revitalize our community so it can thrive long term. Our mission is to transform our community by connecting Kindergarten readiness to economic success.

Our Core Values

Restore hope in our future: We all live for the chance at a better future.

Reinvigorate the stakeholders: We will inspire them to prioritize the cause.

Reinvent our community: Our pride needs to be a foundation, not a blueprint. 

Our Goals & Strategy

Everything we do is steered by our goals and strategic plan. Click below to learn more about both. 

BY5 Strategic Plan

BY5 Statement of Goals

Our Community Dashboard

Each one of our major goals has an agreed upon metric to understand where as a community we currently stand and will determine whether or not the work that is happening is having an impact in Delaware County.

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